Anyone know anything about "mixed tour" work schedule at NOAA?

I sailed with MSC 2002-2008 as an AB and am in the process of starting with NOAA and I am concerned about this “mixed tour” schedule. Dropping from full time to intermittent sounds a bit scary, especially when there are bills to pay. I am used to the whole “sail till you drop” thing at MSC and to sign on with NOAA and find that there isnt enough work to keep you busy dosent sound so good. Any info or past experience with this is appreceated.

In recent years mixed tour relief ABs with NOAA have had plenty of work. They are having a tough budget year, however, so you’re right to be concerned. No reason not to go through the application process though, as the mixed tour relief position doesn’t preclude you from taking other jobs to make ends meet.

Thanks John, Hopefully all will work out as it looks like Obama gave NOAA 5+ Billion for 2011…Although that is a drop in the bucket compared to other programs.