Anybody renewed license lately?

Wondering what kind of turnaround time you saw?

I’m renewing 100 ton near coastal fwiw.

5 years ago it took less than a week!

I asked around and heard the REC’s in Miami and Boston were the quickest right now, so I sent mine electronically to REC Miami.



A guy I know just renewed his it took about two weeks turnaround

It wont matter what city you send to as long as the REC is open for business. They will forward it in a day or 2 to WV.

One week flat for medical cert. another 2 weeks waiting for prof. eval, 3 days to clear prof. eval. and another week to mail it.

4 weeks with no issues

Just renewed my 100 ton while sending in for my letter to test for 500 ton. Longest part was waiting for it in the mail from the NMC, took about 2 weeks through Houston.

When renewing your stcw med cert, do you need to send that to the local rec first ?

yes, it takes about 1 week from emailing to the REC to receiving back

REC, but you could have figured that out yourself in about 30 seconds if you tried