Any Unlimited Master of Auxiliary Sail out there?

Just inquiring if anyone knows of someone who holds a Master Unlimited of Auxiliary Sail? The only one I know of was the Captain of the Sea Cloud “Red” Shannon. He passed away last year. The Eagle is the only US vessel that has the tonnage that I know of. Many years ago I obtained it as an officer with Star Clippers. Just would like to know how many are out there. The Captains of the Eagle may have obtained it.

Dan Moreland of the Picton Castle has that ticket. Last I knew (about 15 years ago) it was a Very Select Few who held that ticket.

Thanks. I will probably get in touch with him.

I’m curious, what do you need?

Someone once told me that there are only a handful of guys that hold the license. Trying to find out who I might know who has it. Learn how they obtained it. Been out of that end of the industry for a while. My son is interested in going to sea and it has brought back some nostalgia for the old days.

I took a shiphandling course on manned models with Captain Red. He was a great instructor, sad to hear that he’s passed.

I do remember asking him who else held both licenses and he did mention a few names but I don’t remember who they were.

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Anyone who already holds an unlimited mate license can acquire the seatime and add Aux sail onto it. I’ve thought about doing it and I know a couple people who were working on it. The SSV Oliver Hazard Perry, of Rhode Island, has been taking academy grads to fulfil COI required AB billets. That’s one way of getting seatime. In fact I think the captain over there David Dawes is an 80s SUNY Grad so he might hold unlimited Aux sail.

Do you know how much seatime is needed?

When I got my first license it was an inspected license for auxiliary sail and I needed 540 days. Subsequent REC evaluation, examinations and licensing resulted in 1600-Ton Master, Oceans, Steam, Motor or Sail; Chief Mate, Oceans, Unlimited - back in 1990.

If you already hold a license, I think it’s either 180 days or 360 days on a sailing vessel, and an additional test to add Aux Sail endorsement onto it. Take a look at the checklist on the NMC website and @jdcavo might have better knowledge on the requirements.

See 46 CFR 11.401(d).

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Isn’t of large enough tonnage for one to acquire an unlimited sail endorsement.

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There’s no secret trick, just sail on a ship that’s unlimited tonnage. The guys that have it sailed on foreign vessels as those are the only ones large enough.

I think you’d end up with an unlimited tonnage license with a tonnage limitation on the sail endorsement. Either way it’s in the right direction for what the OP is looking for.

Only if the evaluator fucks up. You’re required to have time on sail vessels over 1,600 GRT to get an unlimited sail endorsement. That’s why almost no one has one.


From what I see on the checklist.

It would be an unlimited endorsement, with a tonnage restriction placed on it. Right?

Yes. That’s right.

Back in the day spent my offtime as relief mate for Windjammer. Got some limited time on that. Then spent about 2-3 years on Star Clipper as chief mate. Have heard that some others have gotten the endorsement. Just wanted to open some old doors again. The time on the big boats is hard to obtain. Very few take American officers.

I tried the USCG and this was there response.

Unfortunately, we do not keep records of how many hold each specific endorsement. General statistics can be found at: