Any Hope For an AB special?

It’s been about a year since I got all my documents and fancy cards and though I have not spent every waking hour looking for boat work ( mainly because I’ve had to spend that time making an income ) it seems the downturn is still rather down and even the headhunters are saying not to bother.

Is there some magic place where all the mariners are being employed? Or is it really as crap as people are saying it is.

A positive note…Mercy Ships did give me a volunteer gig for half of '10, and that has almost made the money I shelled out on all the stuff quite worth it. If you aren’t married and owe no child support and want to see great people doing great things for the trade of your work it’s a very good place to get some big ship experience while this situation pans out.

Any other new mariners have suggestions or stories?

[QUOTE=seanfinn;46278]…Is there some magic place where all the mariners are being employed?[/QUOTE]


Try to get an application from Grand River Navigation. Talk to Bill Penn 440 930 2024. Great Lakes Freighters. We are down for the winter now, but should be crewing up again in March. don’t know if we’ll have openings, but…

i say TACO BELL and you will have bonafide Mwxicans training you