Another 299'

Spotted the Charlie Comeaux cruising in town. New builds are being churned out like sneakers in a Chinese sweat shop.

Hope you reserved a parking spot…

I’m at the house now but her and the Juan C I need to get pictures off, as well as the new HOS boats as they hit fourchon

Got a good one of Ted Smith?

I got one of Charlie Comauex today. I’ll see if I can figure out forum runner and post s pix. Moored beside the Ted Smith if you want me to get a shot?

Another 299’ will be here in July called the Russell Adams. A buddy is bringing it out of the yards.

Here is a quick shot I got of the new boat.

Whats the max size? The pix is 1.13Mp

No thanks. Last thing we need here is a pic of me surfing gcaptain taken from next door :wink:

Whatever happened to them building several more diesel electrics like the Alyssa?

They built 3 in the states (Alyssa, DSB1, DSB2) and the rest in Brasil. Bram Bravo, Bram Brasilia, I think 10 total.

Decent one

They will be rolling out soon. 3 more 280XL’s then the 300+ DE’s. there’s a few already in sheds. Between the 4 US yards we average a new boat every month almost.

I have good photos of almost all vessels in Port Fourchon on give or take a few. just enter vessel name in search box in photo section. anyone interested can PM me your e-mail and i’ll send high res photos of your vessel if I have them.

Charlie Comauex is CFO for Edison Chouest