Announcing a fabulous sale being held at a wonderful nautical bookstore in Seattle

so yesterday I stopped by what has to be the very best nautical bookstore in the US to see if any new titles I am seeking came in only to find that the building which houses the store has been sold and that they are offering their entire stock at a whopping 50% off! told the owner I would let the community here know of this so if you are seeking any nautical or maritime title please call or email them. they probably have a copy of that very rare book you have been looking years to find.

I myself am pooling some funds and planning at least a $1000 spending spree very soon!

I think I dropped way more than a $1000 in that store when I lived in Ballard and it was worth every penny!
The old guy who runs (ran) the store was an English merchant mariner and it was worth stopping by just to swap sea stories. Oddly enough he seemed to have a soft spot for that poseur who wrote Passage to Juneau.

He always had a good stock of fabulous old technical books that included a big selection of SNAME Transactions going back to before 1920.

Every time so old salt crossed the bar his widow sold his library to the store so there was always an incredible selection.

Closing that store is another great loss to Seattle and the maritime community.

Better give yourself some extra driving time. I hear that the road work is going to be worse than usual.

Thanks for the tip! Wish I lived there so I could stop in. Time for some internet shopping.

Well it is never too late and if you love vintage nautical books you will be doing them a great service to order from these fine folks.

Btw Steamer…the old mariner’s name was Chris If memory serves me…I asked about him yesterday and was told he no longer is coming in. Don’t know if the lady I chatted with was his wife and I didn’t want to press her too much concerning his condition. Really have to get used to the reality that so many of the old generation I have known are gone or close to going.

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Thanks for the link, c.c. I may be able to scrounge up a few bucks for an Internet purchase. Mr. Cat is working, even though I’m furloughed.