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What happens if I get sent to one of their doctors every 2-3 years, and I it is revealed I can not stand up straight or something similar, like hands shaking, or not lifting a weight, touching your toes, lets say I fail something on purpose? They then inform the company and then what happens? Can they make me see a specialist or is it call us when you can pass? Would I be on R&R until I go back?

They usually ask for further documentation from your primary care and/or a specialist in order to make a determination on whether or not you’re fit for dirty. It also likely depends on the company that hired them.

Why fail a physical on purpose? Can’t you just not go back to work?

Think of every form that you will fill out within the duration of your lifetime and then ask yourself if you want to have this on your record.

Once you document this situation, it may never go away. Be careful about short-term solutions that can cause long-term problems.

If the physical is to get your medical certificate (719K), the USCG will definitely require more information and will (or should be) disclosed in any future renewal. If the company is paying, they will be in that loop.

If it is a company physical, yes they can make you see a specialist if they wanted to retain you. It is more likely you would be found unfit for duty and unemployed.

Isn’t it easier to just whack your hand with hammer?

This is all interesting, in my scenario this would not involve renewal ck719k form. This is just a “we see you havent had a physical in a while, go make a appointment on your 2 weeks of time off”. Just a few cans of jolt or 48 hours of sleep deprivation to throw the blood pressure way sky high and buy some vacation ehem R&R time for those that are stuck with a company that offers little. The hammer on the hand would involve a accident report, a report on the cg719 form for prior injuries and a little bit too much into the irresponsible behavior territory.

If you dont have a primary care person, then what? I would imagine you could find a doctor that is super busy and schedule a appointment way way out in the year. Pass the exam and head back to A&K in a month or 2 later to pass second physical with ease. Most companies you will still be employed for a couple years if your on medical leave/ sick until your not on the seniority list.

It wasn’t that long ago they where kicking people off who felt sick like they had covid making up new rules daily.

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