Advanced WatchKeeping @ M.A.M.A

I am headed to Virginia Beach for a week of watchkeeping. This will be my first class at Mid-Atlantic so I will let you know how it goes. Anyone kow of any good restaurants or places to go while there? Thanks, Lee… I only have three classes left.

Did your wife give you spending money this time?..or do you have to go to church for the free food again?

what’s wrong with free? LOL :)<br><br>I would help you out, but I left V.B. in '89. Use to be all kinds of restaurants along the beach.

Look into Chicks. (The restaurant, the others are just too much trouble.)

So far so good with Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy. The class is small (only 3 including myself) and the subject matter is less than interesting, but the instructor is knowledgable and the discussions are interesting. The facility is really up and coming and I hope they can get the numbers required to maintain the school. We started the class by reading an article about the Coast Guard Cutter Cuyahoga that sank due to a collision with the Santa Cruz II. These Chief Mate/Master classes are about as useless as tits on a bull, but the standards are set and we have to comply if we want to upgrade. I can honestly say that every instructor so far has been top shelf and done everything they could to make the material more stimulating. Day 2 is tommorrow and we are going to go over Annexes. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I had grilled scallops wrapped in bacon and clamari for supper. I might look into Chick’s Oyster Bar “the restaurant” tommorrow. It is located on 2143 Vista Circle, Viginia Beach.

Glad to hear your class is going well Capt. Lee. They are really trying to make a good name for themselves there at the school. The instructors really go out of there way to help you out. I’m taking the VSO course next week while I’m home.<br>Doc

Capt. Lee,<br> Wish I was headed straight for home so I could catch ya and talk to you about ECO. Dont think things are going to work out for where I’m at. They sound good when they talk which is why I came, but the proof is on the deck, and so far this dog don’t hunt. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the course.<br>Doc

Yeah Doc I here You. I had heard about them and had an interesting correspondence WIth Dick Jr. over there. There website says all the right things but it is all smoke and mirrors. The thing with ECO is to keep checking in with them. Make Nicki or Justin have your name on the tip of their tongues when the request comes across their desk for a Captain. It’s not all peaches and cream over here, but it is nice to work for people who care about their boats and their people. They may not need anyone immediately, but eventually they will need someone. Get your foot in the door. I can’t really enjoy rules of the road, but the simulator is pretty cool.

Doc - The best way to do get on at ECO, is show up at the back door to talk with Nicky Collins. Give him a call when you’re getting ready to get off the Vlasic Pickle Boat, and tell him you’d like to stop by and say hello. You’ll most likely already be in the neighborhood, so why not.<br><br>Things are still a bit old fashioned in some ways at ECO, and a face and a handshake go a lot further than a phone call ever will.<br><br>Just my 5 centavos…<br><br>By the way, I would say finish your hitch where you’re at, and run, don’t walk.

I may just stop in and say hello after this next hitch on my way through Golden Meadow. Meet Nicki in person. Thanks.<br>Doc

There are a ton of good restaurants and plenty of things to keep you busy here in Virginia Beach.
The school has a post on there website of nearby things to do while your here and a list of nearby restaurants. I can tell you this much, it is never a boring day here if you ask the right people.

I take most of my classes there. The school does have good instructors. There are plenty of good resturaunts around there, just head down Shore Dr and theres a bunch of seafood resturaunts.