Accepted to SUNY and TAMU, which to Choose?

Hello helpful pros,

I have been accepted to the Masters + 3rdUL programs for both SUNY and TAMU starting Fall 2019. Which one has the advantage?

I know this question has numerous answers both personal and subjective so I want to narrow this down to the following.

Cost of education, and quality of life in new york and galveston aside, do one of these schools have a Practical professional advantage over the other. Here is what I came up with so far, can anyone add to these?

Along with a 3rdUL License and a masters degree:

TAMU offers:

  • proximity to gulf of Mexico and drilling companies
  • A DP basic course

SUNY offers:

  • Chartering certificate
  • Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management

I am looking for practical, professional advantages which will make me a more attractive candidate to a broader spectrum of employers beyond just a 3rd UL. Are there more benefits like this at either of the institutions I mentioned that you can think of?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Basically, no. There is no difference. Pick one and do it.

Employers view all academy mates as equally inept until they prove they are worth something.


If all else is equal I think this will give you an advantage when you go to get an office job later, if that’s the plan. DP basic course isn’t very helpful as far as getting work goes.


SUNY Maritime recently secured funding for a DP simulation setup. Not sure when it’ll be up and running however.