Texas Maritime vs SUNY Maritime

Hello all,

I’m currently a MUG at SUNY and I’m planning on transferring to Texas Maritime from SUNY. A little about my myself, I’m 18, I live in California, and this is my first year of college and im a Marine Transportation degree regimental student.I have been thinking about this for a while and I just want some info from someone who went to or goes to TMA. My main idea behind this decision is that I want the best possible job and experience I can get for Offshore supply (dynamic Positioning), drilling, or just to be in the oil industry down south because I heard it is very profitable and staying closer to shore is very appealing to me.In terms of the schools, the regiment doesn’t really affect my decision at all (gotta do whatcha gotta do). Location wise, Ive never really been a city person and I like the country alot. People have told me that SUNY is more credible… but ive also heard that as long as you have the license it’s smooth sailing job wise (no pun intended) if you put in the work, which i will. If anyone has any info about what academy brown water(oil) companies prefer it would really help or any advice please respond to this, any help is greatly appreciated.

Alright I guess I’ll take a stab at this, though it may not be exactly to point. During your cadet shipping, you will probably have an equal opportunity to get on a vessel in the Gulf at both academies. You may have a slight edge at Texas, as many here get on various DP vessels such as Drill ships and OSVs, but I’m not sure on everyone’s statistics. The guy we had running commercial cruises got fired (thank God), and we now have a very competent person running it, so its looking even better. I’ve heard more people go out their second cruise on a commercial ship due to us having a small training ship and that it may be harder at SUNY to go commercial their second cruise due to this as well, though I could be wrong. Texas Maritime is making a DP simulator this summer, yet I have heard many other academies are doing the same. The only other advantage I can see is the many opportunities at various seminars and meetings that we can attend, usually set up through our professors who know people in the gulf industry. Again, the same could be said at any academy.

In the end, I honestly don’t think its going to matter much. Hell, you got plenty of KPers out in the Gulf.