AB to Mate program at MAMA or MITAGS

Has anyone gone through the ab to mate program at MAMA or MITAGS, I have a year to go before I’m ab unlimited and I’m curious how much of the mates job should I know how to do before I enter the program? I talked to a hawspiper and she made it seem like as you can plot and do equations with a calculator I’ll be fine which I find hard to believe. I have some experience from my time in the navy as a QM and I plan to use my G.I. Bill.

Hi Qmthree,

If you’re a former Navy QM you’ll be in great shape! The courses are designed to bring ABs up to speed to becoming mates. I can’t speak to MAMA but MITAGS-PMI have VA approval to use your GI bill.

Good luck and feel free to PM me if you have any further questions,

Christine Klimkowski
Instructor and Curriculum Developer

Qmthree, Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy offers all courses in pursuit of the AM to Mate Program, our highly skilled and dedicated Instructors will guide you along the pipeline and provide advise as you continue classes. Our professional team of Merchant Mariners and retired Navy instructors are second to none. Please contact us for any questions you may have, 757-464-6008 Ext 302.

We are fully accredited towards the GI Bill.

Ed Horton
Deck Department Head
Lead Instructor
QMCM USN Retired

MAMA does offer the use of the GI Bill. Additionally we have a Military Liaison to assist the mariner in establishing the correct path to achieve their Mates credentials. Check us out.

MAMA does offer the use of GI Bill and we have a Military Liaison to assist in building the correct pipeline for the Mariner to follow.


MAMA offers all of the classes that are needed to help prepare you for your path from AB to 3rd mate. We are VA approved, offer a flexable schedule, and have a very successful Test Prep program. Feel free to contact me or come by to take a tour anytime. If you need any other assistance please let us know.

Chad Kiser
Instructor/Curriculum developer
Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy