AB/Job Types/Deep-Sea

A have a question about AB jobs on-board deep-sea ships::confused:

Is it correct that most deep-sea US ships now carry 6 AB’s and that they are divided into 3 watchstanders and 3 dayworkers?

So, do only the dayworkers handle lines or does all the deck force (OS/AB’s) turn out for mooring/unmooring the vessel?

And is it easier to ship out as a watchstander or as a dayworker?

Either SIU or SUP feeback is much appreciated!:slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!:cool:

An AB is an AB. When the job ships, it will be for day man or watch.
OT is not ‘required’ on union ships, but there is ‘required’ OT. Preparing to enter port, mooring, letting go, securing for sea and cargo is mandatory and an all hands evolution. Chipping, painting, general maintenance is voluntary OT.
6 ABs with 1 being the Bosun. All are assigned watches for when 2 ABs are required. (entering/leaving port, fog watch, reliefs, etc). Bosun is almost always 8-12

The entire deck gang is usually expected to turn out, dayworkers included- this excludes (some times) supernumerary deck workers such as General Purpose Utilities when they’re aboard.
Generally, it’s not your choice to be a dayworker or watchstander- that will be up to the mate. I preferred being a watchstander when I was an AB- you can’t advance if you’re learning nothing but how to run a needle gun

jobs on ships

All the deep sea boats I have been on have been SIU. They have 3 abs. Watchstanding and they do OT as well. Most ships I have been on ALL unlicensed tie and untie…except stewards department

diving is like any other job and yes you can progress and get somewhere
Start air diving, progress to sat diving, become supervisor (air/sat), maybe LST, and when you had the gut full of offshore go into the office and be a manager…

A little off topic, but how does the deep sea rotation work for SIU/SUP types…you throw in for a job at the hall and you receive your position, join the ship…when do you leave? I am intersted in this because I know Horizon Lines and Sea Star Lines all have domestic lines and I am looking for opportunites that are around the 30 day mark of service…mostly looking at ATBs, but just curious if someone could take a minute and do a little barney style explanation of the job lengths for deep sea union jobs…specifically…with ship speeds the way they are now, it appears you could theoretically make your run in around the 30 day mark for a lot of locations, but are you allowed to hop on and off every 30 days or so, or is that unreasonable/not the “way things work”

All of the atb jobs are going to be coastal usually anywhere from 2-4 weeks on/off. Companies differ with how they choose to crew but most have 4 ABT’S and more then likely a cook. Good gig if you like the short hitches. Most if not all will require you to already have AB ticket with tankerman as well. Depends on the terminal with getting off and then the capt. Won’t have to much free time while in port depends how long your run is at sea to depict what you will do. Usually 6/6 watches…hope that helped!