A reminder to vote

Just a freindly reminder to vote

Good, timely reminder. You can also, dpending on where you live, preregister for absentgee ballots. Mine will come automatically to the address I gave them.

It’s not an election it’s a SELECTION! I’ll stop there since I know we like to keep it politics free around here.

thanks Fraq…your forbearance is appreciated

If you do vote make sure you vote for the right person. If you know what I mean.

If our wannabe fuhrer gets his way absentee voting or voting by mail may become impossible for mariners. Trump has specifically refused to provide any funding to the US Post Office as a means to stop all vote by mail efforts by the States.

He knows that the more people who vote, the more likely it is that he will end up in the “big house” instead of the White House and will do anything to prevent that.


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Risk there is servicemen and women won’t be able to vote.

I’m sure there will be a revival of the Feldpost.

He couldn’t pass up the chance to get his boots licked. Can he wear boots or do they make his bone spurs hurt too much?

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In Washington-state we have vote by mail. Fill the paper ballot out with a pen. Sign the ballot. Mail it, or drop if off at a special drop box guarded by poll workers or the police. A simple, reliable system.

You’re even given a stub with the ballot’s unique number on it, so you can go online and see when your ballot is counted.

Recount? A team of Republican and Democrat volunteers go through the stacks of ballots, and count them by hand. Screw computers and hackers.

For the life of me I don’t know why every state in the Union doesn’t have the same system.


The idea of every state having universal access to such a voting system is a Trump nightmare.


How do you feel about Unkle Joe’s asthma deferment? I assume you have a meme of him wheezing ready to post up?

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Please list the names of the reporters and political opponents of Trump that are sitting in jail as political prisoners.

I think the only people in jail now or who were pardoned are political operatives and Trump sycophants or employees, not anyone who opposes him. None of the people who oppose him have gone to jail. Just the ones who committed crimes on his behalf.

Many of those who support him are indeed, felons and they were convicted of campaign crimes and other illegal political activities.

Why do you ask?

I’m OK with that. I’ve actually heard of asthma. As well as legitimate medical documentation.

Symptoms are relieved by sniffing women’s hair.

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In case you are keeping score:

Trump 25 Biden 1, I guess that gives Trump a beautiful lead in that race.

I like the “nearly all” denial.

I’m not rooting for either one of these guys, I don’t see either of them as president material. However, Trump blustered his way through those accusations as well as through a gaggle of contenders in debates that belonged on the Jerry Springer show. I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

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