Our Future

I am just reminding everyone who will be home on 11-6 to please go and vote. There are alot of us that will be effected by this election.

Sorry, i meant affected by this election

And again I say it’s not an “election” it’s a SELECTION! The all knowing and omnipotent “they” has us boxed into a corner with just two choices. So we are voting to be A) hit over the head with a sledgehammer or B) kicked in the dick with a spiked steel toe boot. Seems like we are fucked either way!

Absentee ballots can be downloaded and sent for many districts. I voted weeks ago.

Don’t forget the next president will more than likely be installing 2 new supreme court justices.

Yeah but only after that president has been “installed” himself.

Early voting or absentee ballot.

Going to go vote today in fact.

I voted yesterday. This election is to important to blow off.

Our votes are counted but to bad they don’t count for anything. Case in point…the 2000 election. Ask yourself who won the popular vote…and then who became the president via the electoral college vote. Just sayin’.