A reminder to vote

My dad was drafted in 1964, he was 1Y then 4F in the draft 1Y means only in time of war or national emergency. 4F means medically unfit.

The reason: flat feet and bone spurs.

Are you going to call him a draft dodger or coward as well?

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I agree with your sentiment but I’m telling you it’s futile. To his credit, at least he’s honest about his agenda.

For him, Trump must go… No matter the cost… No matter what has to happen… No matter what. I tried but finally realized it’s an utter waste of my time.

I kept at it longer than I should only because I find his arrogance even more off-putting than his politics but in the end it’s all a waste of time.

He and his ilk will wait to see what Trump does, wait for any negative aspect that develops, then apply well developed Monday morning quarterbacking skills with prescription 20/20 hindsight glasses to criticize accordingly. Argue, deflect, deny, repeat.

I agree it is fun to point out the blatant hypocrisies and wait for responses like “well I’ve heard of asthma but not bone spurs” as it only highlights the ridiculous-ness, but other than that it’s a big waste of time.

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Atta boy! You’re getting it.

Fortunately, there is NO cost. It’s an easy choice for the rational person.

You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet Pumpkin. Just wait until I get out of first gear.

@Bayrunner, almost forgot…cutesy nicknames are a bonus… I’ve gotten grasshopper, cupcake, and now pumpkin so far. And to think this is only

Can’t wait till his ego shifts into overdrive.

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