6 month rotations?

Anyone know how common these are and which type of vessels/companies are the best for getting 6 on 6 off?

Thank you.

If you’re referring to officers then MMP I believe has a 120 day minimum contract and most of the time I believe they go over, 180 would probably be achievable.

Was thinking more specifically about an AB.

Western Alaska region. Try Crowley, Vitus, etc.


MSC probably. Don’t know about 6 months off though

MSC rotation for ABs is 4 months on, 1 month off. Pay continues during off time.

That’s the rotation I see from Crowley in the Alaskan fleet.

Do you care if it’s large ships vs ocean tugs vs inland tugs?

Not really, why? Do some types of vessels operate 6 on 6 off more than others?

Yes. Great Lakes ships shit down for the winter when the lakes are frozen so you’d work ~6 months straight.

The same goes for Crowley’s Western Alaska tugs that run on Alaska’s rivers.

Thanks for the insight Capt_Phoenix. Are these Lakes ships tugs as well?

The Western Alaska tugs are 6-8 months, I forget exactly how long the season is, and they fly you home for ~2 weeks in the middle of the summer.

I think the lakes ships also give around two weeks off mid season but I forget exactly.

Most inland tugs work 2:1 schedule as in 28:14 or 20:10. More are starting to allow day for day schedules as in 28 on/28 off or 14:14. You always have the ability to ride over if you want. I knew a guy who would consistently work over 300 days a year. I also know of inland tug companies pulling a guy off after working 10 weeks straight to give the guy/gal a break, regardless of if they wanted to keep riding. One company told me when they switched from 2:1 to 1:1 schedule, the legal costs dropped drastically as there were less accidents/ incidents.


Do any still work 3:1? I know 30:10 and 21:7 used to be fairly common on Western Rivers.

Once guys have tenure and confidence of the company, they’ll let this happen, to choose your schedule so to speak. As far as getting hired on, I’ve never experienced a 3:1 but I certainly don’t claim to know every companies schedule. The bigger river boats (6000 hp and up) usually work 28/28 or 28/14 and alot of the captains ride over on their off time.

Imagine that…