Question about tugs with unequal time

I’m seeing more and more tugs running unequal time on such as 45 days on and 15 days off. My question is what happens during the 15 days off? Is the tug laid up, does a separate yard crew do maintenance, or is there a crew that works 15 days on and 45 off? Just curious as I’ve always worked on boats with equal time on and off.

They have all the crew members offset, like an even time boat, it never stops working.

They just rotate crews through the vessel.

Here’s an example of deck officers on a boat that works 28 on 14 off:

Master - works 28 days as master.

Relief master - works 14 days as mate and 14 days as master.

Mate - works 28 days as mate, 14 with each master.

Some companies have relief crews that bounce around between boats where the permanent crews are home. So if three boats all work 45/15 then they have three permanent crews and one crew that works 15 days per boat on all three boats.

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