50 Ton Captain w sail endorsement wanted

See: http://www.thompsonisland.org/english/jobs/current[B][U]

Position: Watch Officer[/U][/B] Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center is hiring Sailing instructors for the 2009 Summer Expedition Season. ‘Watch Officers’ are required to have their USCG Captain’s License, minimum 50 ton with a sail auxiliary. ‘Assistant Watch Officers’ need to be strong sailors but do not need their USCG License.
Sail in Massachusetts Bay on a 30’ ketch rigged open hulled ‘pulling boat’ with Outward Bound. Teach sailing and seamanship, character development and live expedition-style on board a traditional sailing vessel. Work with the youth of Boston ages 12-18. Expeditions range from 5 - 14 days. We offer training, professional development plans, housing, long or short contracts with benefits. Call or email us for more information.

[li]Plan and lead Outward Bound expedition for youth.[/li][li]Responsible for crew’s safety as well as proper care of vessel.[/li][li]Teach program-specific curriculum.[/li][li]Mentor assistant instructors & interns.[/li][/ul]

[li]US Coast Guard Captain’s license. Minimum of 50-ton license.[/li][li]Understanding of Outward Bound philosophy and methodologies.[/li][li]Experience leading sailing expeditions of at least 7 days in length.[/li][li]Knowledge of group dynamics and diversity issues.[/li][li]Experience working with urban youth.[/li][li]Certified Wilderness First Responder or higher and CPR.[/li][li]Solid judgment, outdoor leadership experience, and significant experience working aboard sailing vessels.[/li][li]Minimum age of 21[/li][/ul]


fun job. but not for the weak at heart or for those looking for a huge paycheck.