50 Ton and MMC question

Please forgive my ignorance but I am about as green as they come and I cant find this answered anywhere. My 50 ton is currently in the PGEB stage at the NMC, so it is on its way(hopefully). My question is as follows…isnt my license a MMC? Or do I need to pay the additional $140.00 and apply for a MMC even if I have my license in order to find work? I have a TWIC already and I am taking STCW in a few weeks. Just dont want to deal with an additional hassle if my 50 ton will suffice.
Thanks guys.

Since April, 2009, all documents including the license, are issued as part of an MMC. It sounds like you don’t yet have a license. If so, you will get an MMC, your license will be part of it. You don’t have a choice, you will get an MMC. If you already have a license, it remains valid until it expires, or a new MMC is issued to you.

Thanks jdcavo. I am just getting started in this career field and it is nebulous. Appreciate the help.