3rd Mates License


The Workboat Academy program at PMI prepares you for 500 ton Oceans, 1600 ton Near Coastal Mate and your Towing endorsement. What requirements would one need to fulfill to sit for there 3rd Mates exam?




Exact same, you would just have to be on the appropriate tonnage.



Could you please elaborate more? I’m confused.





Could you please elaborate more? I’m confused.



The training is the exact same. The PMI program, when complete, covers all OICNW requirements. This goes all the way up to 2nd Mate, but just because you meet all of the training, you still have to serve on the appropriate tonnage vessel for an unlimited licenses. Here is the checklist for third mate (bottom). 1/2 of your sea time needs to be on vessels over 1600 tons. The only program that gives you a 3rd mate is from a Maritime Academy, or work as an AB on an Unlimited Ship for a few years and take the test and training requirements, or crossover from 1600 ton master.



Excellent. Thank you for your detailed response.