3rd Mate w/ 100 ton Master's

I have searched on the board and came up empty…I am cut for time to look in the CFR’s.

How do I test for a 100 ton Master’s if I have my 3rd Mates unlimited already, or does it come with the 3rd Mate. I am a greenhorn in the industry but have been working aboard a dinner yacht (97 GT 450 passengers) as 1st mate, that transits flushing bay, hell gate, deep water range to statue, buttermilk. I have 18 trips as quartermaster.

One may ask why I am sailing on dinner yachts and I already have my 3rd Mates. I just graduated Maritime in May and not trying to rush into the industry. Plus east river transits are an invaluable learning experience. Thanks in advance.

A quick search of gCaptain would have revealed numerous threads informing you that the 3rd mate covers “master less than 100 tons”. Now go shoot for a promotion as Captain of your dinner yacht.

I got out last year and run passenger boats during my off time. Passenger boats are fun, but if I were you I would be sending out as many applications as I can. It can take a while to find a decent job. I have also seen a slight rise in job posting in the last month.

Here is the CFR reference that you need 46 CFR 15.901

Subpart H—Equivalents
§ 15.901 Inspected vessels of less than
100 gross tons.
(a) An individual holding a license as
mate or pilot of inspected, self-propelled
vessels of over 200 gross tons is
authorized to serve as master on inspected
vessels of less than 100 gross
tons within any restrictions on the individual’s

Also, just an FYI, an Unlimited Third Mate is expected to know how to look up regulations in the CFR’s and saying that you don’t have the time???. It just makes all new grads look bad.

[QUOTE=3MRboss;72211]I have searched on the board and came up empty…I am cut for time to look in the CFR’s…[/QUOTE]

You don’t have 2 minutes to go to the e-cfr web site (look at 46 CFR Part 15) , but can wait an indefinite period for someone to post the answer here?

As others have noted, it’s been discussed here, and I and others have answered the question more than once.

Do you realize there are license questions that require you to find answers in the CFRs? “I don’t have time” isn’t a valid reason for protesting the questions.

Imagine telling the examiner grading your exam, “I didn’t have time to consult the CFRs on questions 4-20 on deck safety. I was in a hurry to finish.”

Geez, didn’t mean to start a riot…But your all right I should be looking in the CFR’s myself online. Thanks for the straight forward response and criticism. Notes taken. (not being sarcastic)

Lol you guys are great, what are they teaching you at the academy these days?

Two things crossed my mind reading this.

The first is… Are we certain an individual who ‘isn’t sure’ what the .license covers should be in charge?

And… I would bet this guys screen name will be changed in a hurry!

Comes down to complete laziness.

I willing to bet he doesn’t know how to use them in truth. I don’t recall a single discussion on how to use the CFRs when I was in school. I’m pretty sure the first time I ever saw them was sitting on my table during license exam. Fail on the schools part for not exposing kids to them these days. Fail on his part for not figuring it out pretty quick once working and learning them on his own.

We went over the cfr’s for a whole week in licence prep at cma

At SUNY they had a class that was only cfr’s but got rid of it so they could lower the amount of credits that we take. It was helpful when I sat for license.

Around here you have to leave your feeling at the log in page!!!


ArSUNY they had a class that was only cfr’s but got rid of it so they could lower the amount of credits that we take. It was helpful when I sat for license.

Thank you both for once again demonstrating the lack of Academic vigor of the deck curriculae. :wink:

I only had a few days of instruction on the cfr’s when i was taking my classes. I have used them from time to time since then. The online version is a lot easier for me to navigate than the books.

Ha ha thanks, I’ll remember that while typing from my miniature phone screen ;).

My favorite deck/engine joke was told at graduation by the valedictorian

Why did the deckie cross the road?
I don’t know but he got 3 credits for it.

Your right it does comes down to complete laziness, I was cut for time because I was offered a part time captain gig out of long island and needed to respond quickly, did I think of looking in the CFR’s, no, I admit it. But I did learn how to search for laws and regs in the CFR’s; I was unaware that you can find information regarding the question. Criticism taken, lesson learned.