3rd Mate Unlimited to an Inland License

Hi All,

I have extensively reread the checklist for “NATIONAL MASTER OF SELF-PROPELLED VESELLS OF UNLIMITED TONNAGE UPON GREAT LAKES &/OR INLAND WATERS Checklist,” but I keep getting hung up on some wording. I could use someone to set me straight.

I do not know if I qualify for master unlimited now or if I have to wait another 220 days. I have a 3rd mate unlimited endorsement, 500 days of inland tugboat time, 1600 plus tonnage, and an INLAND TOAR.

The wording is very specific, it says “360 days service as FCP (other than canal & small lakes routes) or Mate of Great Lakes or Inland self propelled vessels of 1600 GRT or more while
holding a license or MMC endorsement as Mate inland or FCP of Great Lakes
and Inland self propelled vessels of unlimited tonnage; (service on near coastal
waters does not apply).”

No, I do not have a mate inland endorsement, but I’ve been standing only mate inland full watches as a mate of tow for well over 360 days. Do you think that will be a showstopper or should I submit my application?

Personally I would send off a Nmc email for the license and see what they say. If it’s a no you get hard words on what you need

Your license should count as it’s superior to what’s required.