1600ton mate endorsement

Hello, I am new to this forum and any information received would be much appreciated. I work on harbor tugs on the Mississippi River and recently received my mate pilot of towing upon western rivers. I am also looking to receive a 1600ton mate endorsement, but I am unsure to what steps I would need to take in order to attain it. I have spoken to NMC and they said that 1600ton mate upon western rivers is not a standard endorsement. However the 1600 ton mate upon inland waters would cover western rivers. I don’t know how true this is. Also looking under the sea requirements for a 1600ton mate upon inland waters endorsement, its says that mate pilot of towing is not necessary except for western rivers. You would need to have held the endorsement for 180 days. So does that make me eligible? Again I am looking for clarity / what steps I would need to take. Thank you again for any advice.

They exist (probably from grandfathering) but there isn’t even an option in the CFR to obtain one and it wouldn’t be worth your time to get it even if you could.

That is correct. A license for ‘Great Lakes and Inland’ covers all inland waters. Western Rivers only exists as a distinction for towing vessels and towing licenses.

If you have 180 days of sea time as mate of towing on vessels over 100 GRT that qualifies you for the 1,600 ton Great Lakes and Inland. If you just recently received your Mate of Towing you likely don’t have 180 days working as mate yet but once you do then you’re good.

Also, if you work with any captains that are a Designated Examiner for inland routes you should do an inland TOAR and submit that with your application for Mate 1,600 GL&I.

@Capt_Phoenix Thank you for the information. I do have one more question, if you don’t mind. All of my sea time is on western rivers. So once I serve my 180days as a mate of towing upon western rivers, that is all I need to qualify for 1600ton mate for inland waters. Or do I need to do 30days of observation and training to add on the the inland route to be eligible for the 1600ton. Sorry if I am being a nuisance, just making sure that I am understanding this correctly.

For endorsements other than for towing vessels, western rivers counts as inland time. You don’t need 30 days under observation and training for Mate 1,600 GRT Inland. If, after you get Mate 1600 Inland you want to add mate of towing vessels inland you would need it.

@jdcavo Thank you

@Capt_Phoenix @jdcavo One last question, is the 180days 8hr work days or 12hr work days?

It’s 180 days of sea time. A 12 hour day on tugs counts as 1.5 days of sea time.

Thank you again