30 inch USCG/SOLAS Ring buoy

Hello all,

Have been working on redesigning the 30 inch USCG/SOLAS so that it has the capability to secure the victim within and ability lifted to safety. I have been advised that meeting the minimum safety requirements at the lowest price of procurement is the only consideration for purchase.

Realizing that after 300 years of use the 30 inch ring buoy seems more decorative than useful as a MOB rescue device. But with the changes mentioned I believe it can be brought into this 21century as a rescue buoy.

My question is if an increase in cost of 15% over a conventional 30 inch buoy to much to make it cost prohibitive ? Secondly do you feel there is a need for such improvements ?

Thanks for your time


With the relatively recent requirements for vessels to address the rescue of persons from the sea, the lifting capabilities would be desirable. For a product that has dual uses, a 15% premium would not be excessive. Ensuring your product meets current domestic and international regulations will allow its use. A radical change that doesn’t meet SOLAS requirements will be met with resistance.

Good luck.

What kind of redesign are you working, if you don’t mind sharing? Is it something the MOB victim would be able to do unassisted? Some companies would balk at a 15% increase in any portion of the newbuild budget, but I can see more safety or publicity-conscious operators (passenger vessels stand out in my mind) being completely willing to pay more to increase MOB survival and show off their safety culture.

Also, will the redesigned life ring still look good hanging up on the wall at Montero’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would the horseshoe buoy carried by offshore sailboats fit the bill? It allows the person to clip in.

On the high end, there’s Lifesling. That allows the MOB to clip in and serves as a lifting harness.