2nd Mate Unlimited - 200 GT Master

If you hold a 2nd Mate Unlimited, are you able to run as Master of smaller vessels (200GT or less) without adding anything additional to your license? In order to obtain a commercial charter fishing license in my state, you must have a “Captains license”. All of the charter boats are well under 100 GT.

The way I read “Licensing (46 CFR 15.605, 46 CFR 26.20-1 and 46 CFR 15.401)”, An individual holding a license as mate of inspected, self-propelled vessels, other than Great Lakes, inland, or river vessels of not more than 200 gross tons, is authorized to serve as operator of UPV within any restrictions, other than gross tonnage limitations, on the individual’s license,

the answer is Yes you can serve as Captain of vessels 200 GT or less. Thanks.

It’s not 200 GT or less, it’s Less Than 100 GT. See 46 CFR 15.901(a):
An individual holding a license or MMC endorsed as mate or pilot of inspected, self-propelled vessels of 200 GRT or more is authorized to serve as master on inspected vessels of less than 100 GRT within any restrictions on the individual’s license or MMC, without further endorsement.

Also, you should probably take another look at 46 CFR 15.605(a):
_Every UPV of 100 GRT or more, as defined by 46 U.S.C. 2101(42)(A), must be under the command of an individual holding a license or MMC endorsed as master. _

OK thanks for the info. Maybe the USCG document I am referencing is outdated. I copied the language word for word in my OP.