28/28 Short Sea Opportunites?

Good morning everyone,

Sorry to be “blowing up” the boards lately, but I finally have all my paperwork squared away and am jumping into the job search soon, such as it is.

I am looking for jobs in the GoM/Caribbean that are not involving OSV work, more like short sea shipping, liner service, ocean towing etc. that have a hitch of around 28 days or less.

It seems that Crowley has a pretty robust Caribbean ocean towing operation and they are SIU…do they have much lower level turnover creating opportunites for OS? Any experiences getting hired on by them entry level?

I noticed Sea Star Lines, which I believe is SIU as well, do they hire full time or just per voyage out of the union hall? Does anyone know about the hitches?

Ditto with Horizon Lines…any details on fulltime employment/hitches?

I stumbled upon Moby Marine which seems to have some sort of FL to Caribbean barge service…any intel?

Same with Crimson Shipping, formerly Maybank, and I believe their tug is operated by Rene Cheramie and Sons…any experiences?

I read that Trans Atlantic Lines may not be the best, but I have not heard of any POCs for them and/or pay and hitch lengths, specifically for their Gitmo run.

Columbia Coastal Transport??

Nada regarding their crewing that I can dig up.

I know there are alot of other opportunites and I have researched those quite alot…I am pretty expert at finding stuff on Google and old threads located here…so if it is an obvious company and/or idea I left it off because I already know something about them…but what I listed above is a bit of a gray area online.

Can anyone chime in?

What has your experience been when contacting the companies on your list? We’re always curious to hear firsthand about your impressions of HR people, their process, the good, the bad etc.

I know there are alot of other opportunites and I have researched those quite alot…I am pretty expert at finding stuff on Google …[/QUOTE]

[B]Good morning also, [/B]

[B]Google is only one search engine, for further reference, you may want to try dogpile.com or another one that combines the top search engines together. It will show you which ones produced results exclusively, or a combination of… [/B]

[B]Read more about [U]“Metasearches” here[/U][/B]

I worked with (not for) Moby on a couple of projects about 10 years ago, they were pretty bottom of the barrel on manning and equipment at that time.

Columbia Coastal and Trailer Bridge are barge only outfits. They hire outside tugs to tow their stuff. Moby is no longer in business from what I hear. Horizon and Sea Star are big ship companies and dont likely have a 28/28 schedule, Trans Atlantic lines has 2 very old ex-McAllister boats they use for their towing runs. Unless you have a death wish I would stay clear of them. The Crowley boats run from Jax to San Juan and Philly to San Juan with a liner service. Im not sure what kind of rotation they have but its close to 28/28 its some sort of oddball one. They hire out of the SIU halls.

You could try Dann Ocean. They seem to hire new OS more than the seasoned ABs. US United Ocean Shipping might be hiring they run in the gulf with dry bulk barges.

They hire out of the SIU halls.

Does that mean to find a job with Crowley on their East Coast Liner service I need to go to JAX, San Juan, or Philly hiring halls? I noticed their website has a recruiting number…any intel on getting on with Crowley, or at least how to properly stay in touch? I’m not opposed to joining the SIU, but I am no longer in a situation where I could just gig out of a hall, I am looking for a full time rotation. (Like most of us here).

Who runs the tugs for Trailerbridge and Columbia?

Can anyone chime in on Crimson Shipping/Rene Cheramie

I also found this company Sante Shipping out of Miami that does a Gitmo/Haiti run on a couple of old McAllister Tugs…looks like a small time company with a few foreign flag freighters and their US tugs…small is not always bad though!

Doug, I will pass on all that I can when I start to get word back…I am still waiting on my STCW/MMC credentials to come back and then I will have some more experiences to relay.

Thanks to everyone for their continuing input…and please bump this thread whenever you may come across any Gulf/Caribbean barge and/or feeder/shortsea opportunities!

Dann will hire no experience. Just be prepared to use Dann as a learning experience then move on for better conditions as you gain some sea time and learn the ropes.

Crowley tows the Trailerbridge contract to SJ. The SIU contract was the lowest paying of the unions that C employees, JAX was on a 6 and 3 schedule and the crews RAN to their vehicles at the end of the hitch to avoid getting extended…FWIW

As far as the Crowley SIU contracts go, how does one go about inquiring and/or applying…I notice Crowley has a recruiter number, but y’all mention they hire out of the SIU…so how does that work exactly?

My understanding is crowley can hire you then you join SIU.3 weeks ago crowley told me they weren’t hiring deckhands but who knows

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I talked with them about a week ago about tankerman/ab spots, they said they have a few of their own guys that need to find work for then they will look at outside the company guys

You might also try Grand River Navigation up on the Great Lakes for a short time schedule and some experience. Good luck.
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August 29, 2011 5:23 AM ET

[B]Grand River Navigation Company, Inc.[/B]


[B]Company Overview[/B]

Grand River Navigation Company, Inc. operates as a steamship shipping firm. It provides long-term time charters of vessels. The company was founded in 1832 and is based in Avon Lake, Ohio. As of March 3, 2006, Grand River Navigation Company, Inc. is a subsidiary of Rand Logistics, Inc.
515 Moore Road
Suite 2
Avon Lake, OH 44012
United States
Founded in [B]1832[/B]



Thanks for all the info so far guys! I once considered the Great Lakes, but pretty much have a focus on activities in the Gulf/Caribbean.

Does anyone know anything about Crimson Shipping (previously Maybank) and the tugs are operated by Rene Cheramie and Sons?

Anything on Sante Shipping and their Gitmo/Haiti tug run?

I will stop bumping the thread as I have asked about these two operations before, but just wanted to throw it up there once more time while the discussion was still active.

Thanks again everyone!

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I made a mistake Sante is the one that has the 2 very old ex-McAllister boats. Im not sure what trans-atlantic has.

An old boat called spince that runs to gitmo

I worked as an OS in 1998 1999 for stevens towing out of youngs island SC at that time we pulled a maybank barge from Fernandina Beach FL to PR. I am not sure if they still have the contract but it might be worth giving them a call.

I am supprised that people still go into Fernandina… all that I see is repair barges and containers for the paper mills.


Thanks for the info! I thought I would never hear anything back regarding the Crimson(ex Maybank) company, but they seem to be pretty interesting in the type of work they do.

If you woulnd’t mind, and you can PM if you want, I am curious what some of these smaller ocean towing type companies pay? It is relativley easy to search up info on what the unions or major companies are paying the various levels of mariners, but could someone chime in on this with some of the smaller ocean tows, like Tom is referencing?

At the time with no paperwork no mmd I was making 110.00 a day. That was in 1999. I hope that helps.


[QUOTE=dark_reaper;54887]I am supprised that people still go into Fernandina… all that I see is repair barges and containers for the paper mills.[/QUOTE]

I was there last year and I saw a ship a few times. They dredged it last year with a hopper.