200NC to 1,600 NC master

I’ve worked aboard for about 15 years over 30. Master or chief unlicensed or dde. It’s time for 1,600. I’ve looked over and studied on and off for much to long and decided to get my 1,600 master near coastal then add oceans. Self study using software then spend a few days with an instructor for problem areas/formulas then study more and hopefully test.

Does anyone know the exact modules. I will submit when back on land so I’m guessing about 2 to 3 months before i get the CG letter with the modules detailed. There are 3 sets on the NMC samples and it gets a little ambiguous with the verbage.

Can anyone confirm steps from master 1,600 near coastal going to oceans? Im told its only passing the celestial class not CG testing anything?

If you want to use the endorsement, you are probably going to need STCW. That is going to be a lot of courses, time, and on-board assessments. You will need to meet the requirements for the STCW endorsements for BOTH Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch, AND for Master.

The requirement is for a Coast Guard test, or you can take a course that has been specifically approved to substitute for the COast Guard test.

Thank you for the confirmation on accredited school for celestial being the only thing for the NC to OC upgrade.

I am primarily obtaining the 1,600 for MOT.

I’m submitting split issuance for mate pilot of tow — split— eval for 1,600 Master NC and Master of tow.

I already have toars and apprentice mate steersman but sail as engineer right now.

I do have OICNW less than 500gt as master but I don’t see needing or using the full OICNW you mentioned or 1,600 international stuff yet.

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Thank you, I need to learn that search function and it’s location. What site is it?

USCG National Maritime Center/Start with a Checklist

Thanks, the checkists don’t reference the questions i have unless I’m blind.

I was already approved for 1,600 OC but was preoccupied to study deck vs engineering at that time. No big. My choice.

The 1,600 masters checklist covers both NC and OC. It does not cover the progression from NC to OC and what is required. Hence the question. Many schools today believe that you are NOT required to test at the CG for that progression. You just take the Celestial course and submit the certificate. I know schools work for profit but still. Rules change pretty fast too.

I will test for 1,600 masters NC then take celestial then attempt to increase it to OC and let them tell me what is required.

Pretty much any school that offers oceans, their course will get you oceans on your license. The national license. Its for unlimited licenses that you have to test at the uscg rec…but their may be some schools that now have a course approved for that.

What you need to confirm is if the course covers the assessments for oceans on the international side/page of your license.

I don’t want to convelute 1,600GRT masters with OICNW or any STCW license or rating.

I’m ONLY concerned with the National license and the progression from
National 1,600GRT Masters Near coastal
National 1,600GRT Masters Oceans.
I understand the usefulness or lack there of.

No school can test you for 1,600GRT national.
There are no assessments for national licenses?
EDIT: I posess 500GT OICNW. Adding Oceans will supplement my 200GRT masters and STCW as a bonus.

Ok, for your national license, to get oceans, you can either self study and go to your local rec and take the test, or you can do a uscg approved course to get oceans on your ‘national’ license. Assuming you have some seatime that is at least on a near coastal route i couldnt imagine why you would have any issues.

For the actual license 1600 grt master, you need to test at the rec.

You are right, without oicnw greater than 500 GT its useless unless you stay inside the boundary lines.

Not sure why, but most of this thread is making my head hurt. Tappin out now waving the white flag.

The only reason to obtain oceans is that it applies to all endorsements. I have a 200GRT which states near coastal. That will change to oceans and i do have the STCW OICNW for that license. That is reason enough for me. I work mostly 498GT or 190 something GRT vessels.

If by “supplement” you mean that your STCW endorsement for OICNW less than 500 GT will become valid for oceans, it won’t. The endorsement for OICNW Less Than 500 GT Limited to Near Coastal is under STCW Section II/3. STCW endorsements under Section II/3 are only for near coastal no matter what national endorsement (license) you hold. OICNW not limited to near coastal is under STCW II/1. They are different endorsements. Getting a national endorsement (license) for oceans is not enough. You need to meet all of the requirements for STCW OICNW under STCW II/1. The requirements are essentially the same for OICNW Less Than 500 GT (not limited to near coastal) as for OICNW 500 GT or More. See NVIC 02-18.

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Thank you, i did not realize the II/3 was always near coastal.

What about Master of tow Oceans. On the checklist, celestial is not required. Assuming a 198 GRT and below 500GT.

Beyond the boundaries and foreign would celestial not be required? I know the towing isn’t required international but wouldn’t the celestial be?

You need to take celestial for master of tow oceans , or take two test at the rec

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Thank you, can I ask what resource that is that you screenshot?

NMC Exam Guide.

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