200 GRT Near Coastal Seatime question

So a few years ago I upgraded my 100 ton license and got a 150 NC Master and 500 GRT inland master. I was issued a 150 GRT master because I had no time on vessels over 101 gross tons. I was just reviewing the checklists on the NMC website and it seems the requirements for 200 GRT Master have changed… The same seatime I submitted to get a 150 GRT license will now get you the 200 GRT… Here’s the checklist: http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/checklists/pdfs/mcp_fm_nmc5_12_web.pdf?list1=%2Fnmc%2Fchecklists%2Fpdfs%2Fmcp_fm_nmc5_12_web.pdf&B1=GO!

So I tried the iasknmc email address to ask if I could resubmit and get my 200 GRT now but they won’t answer my question unless I have a pending application! What a joke! Anybody have any experience with this situation?