2/M Unlimited Acting as OUPV of Aux Sail Vessel

I have a 2/M Unlimited Oceans license. I was approached by a local non-profit to act as as captain of a 50 ft aux. sail catamaran being operated as an uninspected passenger vessel.

I know I can act as Master of less than 100GRT after getting my 3/M. I think my 2/M even gets me up to 200GRT(?) before taking the 1600GRT crossover exam. It doesn’t really matter because 100GRT is more than enough.

But here’s where it gets tricky… I don’t have an aux. sail endorsement. I have a lot of sailing experience: teaching, tall ships, formal training when I was at my state academy, but no endorsement. Because there isn’t an aux. sail endorsement for an OUPV, can I just act as an OUPV because the vessel is uninspected?

I’ve sifted through the CFRs, this forum, and tried the NMC chat, but can’t find a good answer. If anyone has encountered a similar situation, I would appreciate your input.

Can one even get an Aux Sail endorsement on an OUPV (Six pack) license? Not 100% sure on this but if there’s no COI that calls it a Aux Sail vessel then I don’t see how the endorsement would be required.

First I’ve heard of a 200T cross over but 100T should be enough for that size anyway.

Okay, yeah. That’s what I was thinking. Thanks.

That’s probably because there isn’t one. See 46 CFR 15.901.

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He still needs an aux sail endorsement?

Yes, an aux sail endorsement is required. Not that the local sector guys running around in RBS boats would know one way or another. But if something were to happen… then they will come back and say you didn’t have the proper endorsement.

Unless it’s changed since I took the aux sail written, if you know how to sail, it’s a freebie.

Don’t put the sails up. Just motor around.

My guess is that you could get away with it but if there was an incident you’d get keel hauled for not having one.

With no more than 6 passengers.