Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement Questions

Need: Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement Questions
I have approval to test letter from USCG for 100 ton Aux Sail Endorsement.
Does anyone have a resource for studying for the test questions?
I have been on Google, but it only seems to list Sea Schools with courses available. The NMC website does not seem to have any of the test questions available under that category.

i’m looking for the same thing. found a sample question sheet here: failed miserably first time i tried it. has questions about gaff-rigged and square rigged boats. other archaic and esoteric stuff. online courses i’ve found are 125$ and up.

my masters instructor said to just make appointment and go take the test. but if the questions are anything like the ones on boatsafe, i’m sunk (sic)

Try Houston Marine for classes. Years ago I bought a soft-cover blue study guide at New York Nautical but unfortunately they’re no longer in business. Was a great store with sextants, books, chronometers and global paper charts! Magical place. (I used to teach at Marine Simulation in NYC… a subsidiary of Houston Marine…also no longer in business)

You are replying to posts that are from years ago. Better if you check the dates of the post you reply to.

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