1600 Ton Master Inland Study Materials

Don’t overly stress or excessively study about the deck general module.

I took Master Inland Any Gross Tons along with four other endorsements about 10 years ago. I had to take 5 deck general modules. Some were harder than others. I breeze through all five endorsements in 3-1/2 days. The only thing I studied was rules of the road. The only thing I flunked was the Celestial module for a license with an oceans endorsement. I had to study hard before retaking that.

The Master Inland AGT exam, including deck general, was ridiculously easy. Perhaps on par with the AB exam.

I’ve never taken Master 1600 Inland, but I would expect it to be super easy for anyone with a few years of experience.

Rules of the Road is the most important thing to study for because you need to know it cold, including the right way to read and answer tricky and awkward USCG questions. At 90%, there isn’t much room for error.

Near Coastal and Oceans Terrestrial and Celestial are the most difficult modules with a lot of concepts and methods to learn, and a lot of opportunities to make math or tables errors. Again, these are 90% modules with not much room for error.

No need to worry about Terrestrial or Celestial if your sitting for and Inland license. You don’t need to know it.

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That was my experience as well. The hardest part is Rules (especially if you have an oceans license and they want you to take the full rules exam and not just the inland one).

It’s five modules and I took four on the first day, two on the second day (I had to retake rules because I didn’t study for it) and was done well before lunch on day two.