1600 Master Inland and Oceans

I know when upgrading to 2m unlimited from 3m you can take a crossover exam and follow 46 cfr 11.311 to get the 1600 ton master oceans. Now what about for just getting a 1600 ton master inland? Are the advanced training course still required? The checkoff sheet for 1600 ton master inland doesn’t specify if this is even possible as it may not be.

Do you mean STCW courses? STCW are different and separate endorsements (you won’t find the "advanced courses on the Master oceans checklist either). They are only required if you are applying for an STCW endorsement. You can get ANY national endorsement (including oceans) without getting the corresponding STCW endorsement. You probably cannot do much offshore without the STCW endorsement, but you don’t have to get it to qualify for the national endorsement.

Yes, I mean the STCW courses thank you for the correction. Very well, that answers my question. Thank you