1600 ton oceans to 500 ton oceans STCW

Question I currently have a 1600 ton master ocean and looking to get the 500 to 3,000 ton master ocean STCW. It appears sea time is already met by obtaining the 1600 ton license but I would need STCW proof to meet the other requirements. I graduated from a maritime college with a 3rd mates license and worked up from there. Were you able to use your maritime degree to cover all of the STCW requirements and if so what were you required to provide?

When did you graduate from your maritime college with your 3rd’s license? OICNW assessments and training are required if the mariner has not held an STCW endorsement as OICNW for 500 GT or more issued after 1997. But if you graduated after 97, you should have these.

You’ll still need the additional training and assessments required for master.

It was after 97. Thanks for the help

Maritime academies are only approved for OICNW. You cannot use your academy training and experience for any of the requirements for Chief Mate and Master. You need to do ALL of the required courses and assessments.

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Thanks for the help.

No, you’re not. Maritime academies don’t cover Master level topics, classes, or assessments.

Not necessarily. If you do the 2nd Mate to 1,600 ton Master crossover you don’t have the required sea time for STCW master.

All the master level STCW classes and assessments.

Thanks for the help