OICNW for 500-3000Gross ton

I’m planning on testing for 1600GRT Masters soon. I just started looking at the STCW side.

Currently I only have a masters 200/500 with OICNW below 500GT.

The prerequisites for master II/2 master 500GT -3000GT read 1080 days as OICNW upon oceans, near coastal, or GL.

I know you also need training and assessment’s for OICNW 500GT or more.

Does my OICNW below 500GT sea time (as master) (498GT) apply towards the 1080 days required as OICNW?

Does sea time documented as (mate) aboard 669 Gross ton vessel apply for the STCW OICNW 1080 day requirement IF it was before OICNW existed?

I’m fairly certain that you can get time as OICNW without having to hold STCW OICNW at all. Example, working as mate or master on a coastal tug less than 200 GRT (exempt from STCW) with just a domestic license. Therefore, your time working under II/3 should be fine, as well as the time from before OICNW existed.

(If your time was as master you might need to prove you actually stood a navigational watch in order to use it towards time as OICNW.)