14/14 rotations

Looking to see if any companies work 14/14? I have a 2nd mate unlimited with unlimited dp and toar. Trying to be home more often

Thanks in advance.

USACE has hopper dredge openings west coast. 15/13. Pay is on the lower end. Travel is also not covered sadly.

Where is home? Could be more frequent home visits, but travel time/cost is going to increase. Probably have less net time in the recliner overall. 14/14 seems to be a local only rotation in my book. I would think tugs could offer a more stable rotation. 3 days late for crew change is going to eat a giant portion of your time off.


A lot of the companies operating in the NE do 14/14. Vane and Reinauer come to mind.

Mobile,AL and willing to drive

Almost every tug company in the Northeast does 14/14.

Vane Bros is offering sign on bonuses and very competitive pay. Centerline is competing for the same mariners. Stasinos is also looking for officers.

As above…did two years of 14/14 in the Gulf and it is not bad, work wise, but I felt like I was living in the Lafayette, LA and Memphis airports to/from work.

28/28 is great for me, but 21/21 can work out ok, too. The big issue with 14/14 is you have the first weekend home (if crew change is on time) and then one more weekend when you are fretting the return. Plus only one full week for house projects/hunting/fishing!


McAllister New York is hiring mates. 14/14, paid travel.

I have heard that HOS has shorter even time rotations. You are certainly close enough to drive to the heart of the oil patch. Everyone is looking, so they will probably accommodate you. Not sure about ECO. This will be the biggest money :moneybag:

I think I was on the last week and a week boat when I was at Reinauer. She has been scrapped since.
There are a couple of mom and pops that may still work a week and a week and there are plenty of day boats around to get on.

What are Vane and Centerline paying?

Not sure about Vane or Centerline, but the Reinauer union crews just got a raise. $726 plus an additonal $50 a day for travel for mates.


Centerline pays more than vane , less than Reinauer, and travel is paid for if your flying out of one of their “hubs” and your non union . And east coast pays more than west coast centerline from what I heard

Manson and Weeks are both building new hopper dredges. I know at least Manson will require the DP cert. They are going to have a challenging time finding permanent crew, especially licensed. I would check it out. Not sure about Weeks but Manson is 21/21, paid travel, good benefits. Piloting a hopper is not for everyone and if close quarters isn’t your thing then best stick with offshore. Best of luck.

I think Weeks hopper dredges are MM&P. What about Manson, are they union?

The unlicensed deck and engine, mates, and engineers are IBU. Captains are not in the union.

With DPO, try OSV/DP in the GOM. Most running 28/28 but you may find a boat or relief willing to do 14/14. Good luck.