120 Days at Astrolabe - The Rena, the Reef & the GO Canopus. The Rena salvage

An up-close and personal account of events that occurred at Astrolabe Reef during the primary phase of the Rena salvage operation.

[I]“This is a first-hand record of events that took place on and around Astrolabe Reef, as the Rena broke up and the salvage turned into a wreck removal. It is a uniquely well-informed and illustrated book, penned by that rare breed of writer; a man of action who is also a man of letters.
[I]Captain Judkins writes with unparalleled authority about the wreck of the Rena because he was there. Furthermore, the insider’s perspective he provides on shipboard life is attractive and captivating, as is his ability to describe complicated salvage procedures, in terms that can be grasped by laymen and seafarers alike.[B]”[/B][/I]
[/I][B]John Julian – Author “BLACK TIDE”