gCaptain's top ten stories of the year...there more that should have made this list!

gCaptain’s TOP TEN Articles of 2011

By gCaptain Staff On December 30, 2011

[li]Tweet[/li]> [li][inShare](javascript:void(0):wink:1[/li]> [li]Print This Email This[/li]> [/LIST]2011 has been a crazy year in the maritime and offshore industry and I think this years top ten list is proof to that. Since the list is by number of views it’s not surprising that each of the top ten stories is about, at least in some way, a shipwreck. Happy New Year everyone!!
gCaptain’s TOP 10 Articles of 2011 (by pageviews)
10. Merchant Marine Academy Superintendent Reassigned - Kings Point has been embroiled in controversy this past year perhaps kicking off with Rear Admiral Greene’s forced resignation as Superintendent of the United States Merchant Marine Academy.
9. Transocean Marianas Oil Rig In Danger Of Sinking - In July, the deepwater oil rig, Transocean Marianas, developed a critical list after an anchor punctured her pontoon, sparking fears that she might sink offshore Ghana, West Africa. The rig was eventually stabilized.
8. Containership Rena strikes New Zealand’s Astrolabe Reef - On October 5th, the container ship M/V Rena struck New Zealand’s Astrolabe Reef, causing one of New Zealand’s worst maritime related environmental disasters in history. The salvage of the vessel, still stuck on the reef, continues today.
7. Attention Pirates: Don’t F&*$ with the Russians… - Seriously pirates, just don’t do it.
6. RAMBLER 100 CAPSIZES AFTER LOSING KEEL: All 21 crew accounted forIn August, the Rambler 100, holder of the transatlantic record and arguably the most technologically advanced mono-hulled racing yacht ever built, capsized after losing her keel in moderate conditions. Thankfully, all of her crew were accounted for.
5. Luxury Boat Launches, Sinks Immediately [VIDEO] - A highly anticipated luxury boat was launched in China… and then it sank immediately. If you think about it, it’s pretty funny.
4. King’s (Disap)pointer – USMMA Training Vessel Reassigned to Texas A&M - Continuing with the Kings Point debacle, the USMMA training vessel King’s Pointer, was reassigned to Texas A&M, leaving King’s Point training vessel-less.
3. US Navy Discovers Knot Tying is Still Important, Especially When it Comes to Tying off the Pilot’s Ladder - In this article, while attempting to board USS Howard, a guided missile destroyer, a ship pilot fell 18 feet into the water after the pilot’s ladder slipped. As it turns out, knot tying is still important.
2. Idiot of the Month: Sailboat Dismasted by 120,000 ton tanker off Cowes - We still don’t know exactly what these sailors were thinking, but it’s open to analysis.
1. Tankers Nearly Swap Paint in Singapore [IMAGES] - This, luckily, was a non-story of sorts, but pictures speak a thousand words. Let’s just say it was a close call.

I personally think the pay raises that happened at the end of the year in the GoM would be the number one here with gCaptain members.

What about the continued ordering of new drillships?

Perhaps the tug mate sent to jail for manslaughter of the dukw sinking in the Delaware River?

What other do you think should be added?