100 ton license VS. AB

If I have my 100 ton Masters License, do I still need to get an AB certification in order to be a Tug deckhand, or do the two go hand in hand?

If an AB is required than no, a 100 T (or any other tonnage) license is not a substitute.
But, not all tug deckhand jobs require an AB.

A 100 ton license means dick on a tug. Go get your AB/tankerman.


There is no semblance between the two.
On tugs under 100 grt, any swinging dick with a twic card can play deckhand.

More and more companies nowadays require more than the minimum, keep in mind.

Tugs over 100 grt are going to require at least one ab usually. Holding an ab and gaining time sailing as one are critical if you ever have aspirations of going for a mate’s license 500 grt or bigger.

If you already hold a 100 grt testing for your ab won’t be that big of a deal. Just have to brush up on your knots and splices and you won’t have to worry about charting.

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If you look in your 100T MMC, you’ll note it includes OS (NOT AB), among other things…

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