200 ton oceans

I currently hold a 100 ton near coastal along with AB unlimited, STCW basic training, PSC Lifeboatman, VPDSD, Able seafarer-deck, Advanced fire fighting and RFPNW. I’m considering upgrading to 200 ton oceans and am wondering if there are a decent amount of jobs for mariners who hold this credential. Also, do I need any other qualifications to obtain a 200 ton oceans?

Why bother with a 200 ton? That’s a lawn mower license. Get on with a company as an AB and try to get higher tonnage in order to go up to a 500 or 1600 ton mates license. Boats are getting bigger and more technologically sophisticated these days. Go big or go home.

that’s real advice, anyone who tells you otherwise either only has a 200 or doesn’t know what they’re talking about. 200 is really a useless license.

I was in your shoes once…100T (NC) & AB Unltd.
I opted to skip the 200T (O) and went straight to Mate 500T (O) and Mate of Towing.
That would be my recommendation.

I can’t think of anyplace other than tugs where a 200 ton would be a benefit over a 100 ton. The problem there is how hard it is to get Mate of Towing if you have a license lower than 500 tons.

By the way, work sucks right now across the board so by all means stay employed if you currently are. I doubt a 200 ton will help you find a job right now.

If you are a young guy moving up, get whatever you can as soon as you qualify for it. Having the 200 ton, probably wouldnt open up any jobs that you couldn’t do with 100 ton, but having 200 might get you chosen over someone who only has 100.

People hiring have a really difficult time differentiating between a flood of applicants who all have the required license. Sometimes a little better credential makes a difference.

Often times something like having played football in high school or college means more to the guy hiring that also played football, than any extra unnecessary credentials.

To me, and many others, having Oceans makes a very positive impression.

If someone asks, “I have all these similar guys who want this job, why should I choose you?” You should have a good answer to that question.

Doesnt vane brothers hire alot of guys with 200 ton mate of tow

[QUOTE=acesouthcoast;180273]Doesnt vane brothers hire alot of guys with 200 ton mate of tow[/QUOTE]

Maybe, but if he’s never been on a tug it would take a very long time to get Mate of Towing. Since he didn’t mention tugs at all that’s not really a consideration.

You need to get mate of towing with that 200 ton.
1080 days service as Master under the authority of an endorsement WITH

30 days of training & observation on towing vessels on a particular

route; 90 days for Western Rivers AND

Appropriate TOAR, AND

Appropriate Apprentice Mate exams or courses covering exam required.

CFR 11.465

The bigger license usually wins. Like the saying goes…: “There is no replacement for displacement”. The same thing applies out here. The person with the higher tonnage will get a second look. As for the towing endorsement, Hooligan has it spot on. If you want to work on tugs in the Wheelhouse, you’ll have to have the towing endorsement on your z card. There are a couple of outfits that will sign your TOAR according to their approved “course”. I waited and accumulated the sea time for an unlimited license. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made out here. I can’t stress enough going for the bigger ticket.