2oo ton mate

can anyone tell what I can do with a 200 ton mate lic?

Liftboats mostly… Theres a lot of tug boat guys with 200 ton licenses, but if you dont have a towing endorsement, getting your foot in the door will be difficult. Do you have an AB ticket?

several companies in GOM have 100 ton PLUS boats. also private yachts… as mentioned above some tugs ,you can also use it for a 100 ton crewboat and get to yoru 500 ton master license.

Assuming the MOT, tugs would be iffy. The market is glutted with qualified operators, 200T tickets are a dime a dozen. In NY you’d need at least a 500T to get through the door.

yea, just got AB OSV, and with my seatime I could get the 200 to mate

What about the " new QMED" ?

Engineers are currently more in demand.