10,000 OSV endorsement

This question is for JD Cavo,I hold a 1600 Ton Master, I did not go through any company sponsored training program,I applied for the 10,000 Ton OSV Endorsement in December 2017. The evaluator sent me an assessment sheet witch I completed and returned.I was sent a letter with some classes listed and the date that my 90 day evaluation period would expire. My question is this Mr.Cavo. Am I be required to take these classes or would I be grandfathered in since I applied before 31 December 2017?

I assume you’re talking about the STCW endorsement. Without more details, I can’t answer, I don’t know what courses they said you need. Don’t send therm to me or post them. As this might result in an appeal, I can’t get invloved as my office would handle the appeal.

If you think that you met all the requirements in the NVIC, and you had met them as of the time you applied, then you should ask for a reconsideration of the NMC’s decision (use that word). Do this before the end of that 90-day period in their letter.

What grandfathering are you taking about? All STCW grandfathering ended December 31, 2016.

See NVICs 1-17 to 4-17. It was extended one year for the OSV only endorsements.

I think the only way to get it under the old rules was to do a company program so if you didn’t do that than the old rules don’t apply.

invariably with these giveaway endorsements there are those who still want an end around and get yet more of something for nothing

Hell, anyone that had an existing OSV 6,000 and time on an OSV over 3,000 ITC (I forget how much exactly but it was minimal) was automatically given an OSV 10,000.

JD,on the application for STCW 11/2-Master 3000 GT or more management level,on the bottom section "assessments"it says additional training (If sea service started after March 24 2014).
I started long before this date.
I’ve completed and sent in the assessments but haven’t gotten anything back except the national endorsement 10,000 Ton?