Mate OSV 2020

Currently hold a 1600 ton Masters, AB Unlimited, RFPNW, STCW, Radar, Medical First Aid Provider, HELM, BRM, ECDIS, Intro DP, Advanced Fire, and GMDSS. I work in the GoM on a 3300 ton OSV and looking into my Mate OSV license. I know the grandfathering stopped March 24th 2018. Has anyone tested for the OSV mate license since then? I am assuming there is a crossover test or just a Stability test? Also what if any tonnage restrictions? Trying to make sense of the lack of information.

mcp_fm_nmc5_35_web.pdf (129.3 KB)

Also interested to hear what the exam covers and from someone who has obtained since the grandfather is over.

STCW isn’t a rating. What STCW endorsements do you hold?

And there are no exams for any STCW endorsement, so that is not relevant to your question about exams.

Would his current OICNW for vessels less than 3,000 GT be extended to cover OSVs of any tonnage without anything additional being required? What about his current Master less than 3,000 GT when he goes to upgrade his Mate OSV to Master OSV?