1.5 day credit for upgrade?

I know this has been asked probably a million times on here, but I am new so take it easy on me.

The USCG issued a letter in March 2013 clearly defining where 1.5 day credit will be given for upgrades. OSV time is obviously counted which I have some of. I have been hearing stories and wanted to see if anyone can confirm. Few guys are saying that with wording of their sea time letters they have been able to get credit for time on drillships. For example some guys are not doing open hole drilling, but doing subsea construction and well intervention. They word their letters in that manner and say they are getting credit. I have still only heard this second hand.

So does anyone have a comment on this one?

Thanks in advance.

I think the wording you are looking for is “12 hour days”. Regardless of what you were engaged in, if your letter says 8 hour days then you will get 1 for 1. If it says 12 hour days then you “should” get 1.5 for 1.

The vessel has to be authorize to run on a 2-watch system. No 2 watch system no time and a half unless you get lucky with a stupid-er than normal evaluator.

“Stupid-er than normal evaluator?” That must be one dumb dude.

Lolz yes! They do exist however.