Zero emission ships by 2030?

First of all there is no way to make a ship in a way that is carbon neutral. Let alone run an office that is.
If one was to be optimistic perhaps lines could use nuclear powered ships. Of course that would be possibly as revolutionary as containerization. In any case 2030 sounds wildly optimistic and is either a talking point for stock brokers to feel nice or “carbon neutral” can be achieved technically via carbon credits.
Either way the world needs to come to terms that their consumer goods are made and get to them at some cost to the environment and no petition or Facebook post is going to change that.

Sure hence my push for whole lifecycle carbon rating, no different than counting calories in food or costs in production to calculate value added taxes on the manufacturing process.

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How about the antifoul, is that going zero emission?
The industry tried and they worked out its too hard so gave up

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mariner, thanks for your thoughtful reply. It is encouraging that we can have a civil discussion on important subjects, even we may disagree on certain points.

Keep in touch.

PS> Maybe their Swedish Meatballs should be made from Soya, or at least from meat that come from zero emission cows.

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