Yet another RFPNW question

Hello gcaptain,

Long time lurker, first time poster. I am brand new to the maritime industry, looking to get onto a tug. I have my MMC and TWIC, and I took the basic safety training and VPDSD at MPT in Fort Lauderdale. This should get me going as an OS.

I have a potential job offer as an OK on a tug, but it is contingent on me acquiring my RFPNW cert. I talked to MPT about it, and the said I can take the assessment without any sea time, and that I’d have a year to get the required time (180 days I believe?). They said I should just teach myself the rules of the road so I’d be able to follow the orders given in the assessment.

Does this all sound right to you guys? Seems odd to have me go thru the RFPNW assessment before taking the AB courses that cover topics like rules of the road.

Any feedback is much appreciated.