Yacht job openings


Latest Yacht Positions 4[SUP]th[/SUP] August 2012

[B][U]Sailing Yacht Engineer[/U][/B]
[B]4. 53m Sailing Yacht. Y3 Rotating Chief. [B]€Good. [/B][/B][B]No details yet, hot off the press[/B]
[B]7. 60m Sailing Yacht. Y3 Rotating Chief Engineer[/B][B]. [B]€Good. [/B]Super high tech vessel needs to be good with [/B]PC/PLC/EIB/NETWORK.
[B]9. 40m Sailing Yacht. MEOL or close Sole Engineer. [B]€4500. [/B][/B][B]Start ASAP in Palma[/B]
[B]14. 55m Sailing Yacht. Y3 Chief Engineer. €7500. [/B]60 days leave, very possible rotation. Refit in Palma end of season.

[B]17. 50m Sailing Yacht. Y4 Sole Engineer. [B]$6800. [/B][/B][B]Start ASAP.[/B] Need someone experienced, organised and keen. Should have sail boat experience.

[B][FONT=Arial]25. 60m Sailing Yacht (Perini). Y3 Engineer.[B] $11000. Start ASAP. [/B][/B]Chartering in the Med and Caribbean. Y3 license required. 1 month paid vacation with flights. Medical insurance. Own cabin.[/FONT]
[B]26. 60m Sailing Yacht 3 years old. Y3 Chief Engineer with Crew Cook. $7000 a month for the Chief.[/B]
[B]28. 40m Sailing Yacht. Chief Engineer. $5500.[/B] High tech vessel, must be a team player, enthusiastic and with sailing experience. Salary a month negotiable. No qualifications needed.

[B]31. 55m Sailing Yacht. Y4 Chief Engineer. $8000. [/B]Start September. 1 months’ salary bonus after 1 year completed.

[B][U]Yacht 1[/U][/B]
[B][FONT=Arial]16. Very Large Yacht. 2nd Engineer Rotational 2 on/off. Approx [B]€5500 x 12[/B][/B]. You will work October then November off then work Dec/Jan to start. Own cabin but it does have another bunk for occasional use.[/FONT]
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[B][FONT=Arial]20. 62m Motor Yacht. Y2 or Y1 Delivery Chief Engineer. [B]€Good. [/B][/B][B]1[SUP]st[/SUP] October from Turkey to Savannah USA.[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=Arial] [/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=Arial]23. 60m Motor Yacht. Y1 Chief Engineer. €8000Neg. [/B][B]Miami for winter then Caribbean. Start [/B][B]ASAP[/B][B].[/B][/FONT]
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[B][U]Yacht 2[/U][/B]
[B]3a. 80m New Build. Class 2 Commercial 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Engineer. Good Salary.[/B] 2 on 2 off Rotation.

[B]21. 50m New Build. Y2 Chief Engineer, stew or deck couple. €7500 per month for engineer.[/B] Start mid August. 4 weeks paid leave, busy 2 season boat, [B]Skills and experience required[/B]: 2 years on a similar sized vessel and in a similar role. Well presented, helpful, team player and loyal. Class 2 or Y2 with CAT engine course. – Must be a couple with a stewardess or deckhand.

[B][U]Yacht 3[/U][/B]
[B]4. 230 Foot Lurssen Motor Yacht. Y3 or III/1 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Engineer. €Good.[/B] Start 1[SUP]st[/SUP] September. Possibly a Y4 engineer.

[B]10. 45m Motor Yacht. Y3 or Y4 Chief Engineer. $Good neg[/B]. Start Early September. Current Chief will do a handover. [U]AV skills are a huge priority[/U]. Shared Cabin with 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Engineer. New England/Yard Fort Lauderdale/Caribbean

[U]Yacht 4[/U] [B]3b. 80m New Build. Class 4 Commercial 4th Engineer. Good Salary.[/B] No further info just yet.

[B]19. 40m Motor Yacht. Y4 Rotating Engineer. [B]€Good. 11 year old Hakvoort world traveler. Vessel is spotless.[/B][/B]
[B]12. 70m Motor Yacht. Y4 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Engineer.[/B] [B]€4000. [/B][B]Based South of France most of the Year. Start ASAP[/B]
[B]15. 45m yacht. Y4 Chief Engineer. €5500 a month.[/B] Based Nice. Start ASAP.

[B]18. [/B][B]35m Motor Yacht. Y4 Sole Engineer.[/B] [B]€6500 a month. Doha, Poss med trip, [/B]Full medical insurance, 45 days paid leave, 1 return flight home per year, training allowance (on the boat’s time, including flights and accommodation). Perks include apartment ashore, own car, membership at Intercontinental Hotel (beach, pool, gym) relatively short working days and weekends off (unless trips are on).Y4 minimum, AV and IT experience needed (running MTN Vsat for Internet, SeaTel TV Antennae, Crestron/Kaleidascape/ipad AV system – with IT support from shore based company).

[B]24. 52m Motor Yacht (Amels). Y4 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Engineer.[B] €Good Neg. [/B][/B][B]Start ASAP.[/B]

[B][U]Electrical and Electronics[/U][/B]
[B]5. 70m Motor Yacht. ETO.[/B] €Good. No details just yet, hot off the press.

[B]8. 70m Motor Yacht. ETO/AEC 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Engineer. €4500. [/B]Start ASAP.

[B]2. 50m Perini Sailing Yacht. First Officer CoC. Lots of Regatta’s. €negotiable. [/B]World Tour planned.

[U]Stew[/U] [B]22. 50mm Motor Yacht. 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Stewardess. €Good. [/B]Must have at least 1 years’ experience and a good track record. detail orientated, hard workers but also motivated bubbly and creative.