Superyacht Positions

Anyone have any info regarding the best agencies to dish out Management level jobs [Master, C/O, 1/O] on these superyachts over 300 feet? I have heard there is a shortage of maritime professionals in these ratings. :cool:

I truly believe that you have not heard anything resembling reality my good fellow…sorry to burst your balloon, but the uber-yacht market for masters, etc…is an extremely closed community where jobs on the top yachts are solid gold treasures never to be touched by any mere mortal mariner. If you’re willing to slum it on a 70-100’ yacht then I believe the market is much more open but think of it as the dues to pay to gain entre to the business where you’ll have to do a bunch of scrubbing, buffing and oil changing lube oil at modest pay without much time off. And no beautiful 20 something stewardesses either. If you’re hitched to a gal who is willing to go along with you and cook/clean/serve then you have a very good chance of finding something available out there.

You hit the nail on the head, there are NO shortage of captains in yachting,there is a shortage of captains who know what they are doing in yachting

Considering that there are fewer than 30 yachts 100 meters or over, the chances of someone with even impeccable yachting credentials getting a senior slot on one is pretty slim. And just for the record, “impeccable yacht credentials” are not the same as a license alone or even broad maritime experience, it is a yachting thing that no two yachties will or could describe the same way. For the most part, yachting at that scale is theater, not seafaring.

But, for any engineers lured to the thread by the title, I have an opening for a temporary 2nd engineer on a 200 footer coming up at the end of April. The boat will cross from the Caribbean to the Med but the job may last a bit longer to give the current 2nd some time off. This is a good opportunity for a limited chief or a baby 3rd AE recently out of school and looking for a fun ride to Europe and a flight home. The money is not going to be like a MEBA 3rd’s job on a boxboat but it’s not a 3rd’s job on a boxboat either.

Since this is yachting and the opportunity might be recurring for the right person and this is theater, fitting the yachting mold as far as presentation and attitude is important. PM me if you are interested. Don’t send personal information that you wouldn’t post online, I am not collecting email addresses or SS numbers, this is a legitimate opportunity so don’t waste my time either.

Yachts are for people who dont like to have a life. A friend of mine is the mate on a 125 footer she makes 75k a year but never has any time to herself and works 12+ hours a day everyday. The owners are always on the boat and are always throwing parties. She used to say how much she loves it and she still does but now she is starting to talk about how she never sees her friends and family can never go anywhere and has to look at the same people everyday. Doesnt sound like its worth it to me.