WSF Allision at Fauntleroy Terminal

Washington State Ferries’ MV Cathlamet allided with the outer dolphin at the Fauntleroy terminal this morning. Significant superstructure damage and, apparently, some crushed cars, but fortunately no injuries. The AIS track shows an approach at much higher speeds than normal (16 kts vs 10) and a, perhaps intentional, diversion to the south of the terminal to avoid driving right into it. This diversion also put her relatively close to a couple small boats on moorings.

This class vessel is powered with a single CPP on each end, each powered by its own engine.

Ah, CP props. I thought they had voiths.

I hope for the master/mate’s sake they had a mechanical issue and someone wasn’t playing on their phone or snoozing.

Captain resigns

So if the captain resigns up front, will the WSF insurance still cover his imminent legal proceedings?