Washington state ferry

the expression situational awareness relative to an allision escapes me. don’t believe i have ever heard it before. it was stated that another operator who just happened to be aboard docked the vessel after the event it would seem to be that lack of orientation from some sort of medical condition may have occurred? Since this type of vessel is docked numerous times by the operator during his shift and day in day out there has to be something more to it.

My guess too. But we will never know. The guy resigned. Gave up his license too? I may be wrong, but neither the state or the USCG have shown any interest in further investigation. Unless a taxpayer files a civil suit, the whole thing will just disappear.

I was the surveyor for two fleets of commuter ferries in SF for 30 years. The tug capt used to call them bus drivers unfit to work their deck😀
Did not know he resigned hmmmm state owned so I agree they’ll just do the repairs and let it go at that
If it were a private operator there probably would have been hell to pay

I think WSF would have to kill someone before the CG gets involved. Remember the ferry that rammed the port side of that stand on vessel driven by a bemused and incompetent yachtie a few years ago? That should have been a textbook investigation and informative example that the CG more or less just brushed off.