Wreckage of USS Hornet located by R/V Petrel

They are getting better and better in locating ship wreckages, this time it is the aircraft carrier USS Hornet. The ship is, after a resting period of almost 80 years on the Pacific’s bottom at a depth of 5000 meters, in a surprisingly good condition.

A Grumman F 4F Wildcat, what a plane and still going strong, performing some aerobatics in an air show in 2015.

Amazing work the RV Petrel is doing. Does anyone actually know anything about working on it? Crew nationality, hiring, etc?

Sadly no, but she was re-fitted by Dales Marine, Leith and there when I was in dry dock in 2016. Ex Seven Petrol, North Sea exploration vessel. Good luck to them and their endeavours!

The background of RV Petrel:

She is owned by The estate of John Allen, managed by Vulcan Maritime Ltd., BVI, part of Vulcan Inc., Seattle Wa, another John Allen company. (??)
The crew (or at least the Officers) appears to be directly hired by them.